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Camelin's Page
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What kind of birds stick together?





What bird is with you at every meal?


No the answer isn't me... it's a swallow!



Which side of a bird has the most feathers?


The outside!



What kind of bird works at a construction site?


A crane!



What’s the difference between a fly and a bird?


A bird can fly but a fly can’t bird!



Why do birds fly south for the winter?


Because it’s too far to walk!



What do you give a sick bird?





Who steals your soap in the bath? 


A robber duck! 



Why do Hummingbirds hum?


Because they don't know the words!



What is an Owl's favourite subject at school?





What do birds wear to the beach?





What do you call six ducks in a crate?


A box of quackers!




There's more jokes and lots of other stuff on my facebook page.