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(click on Camelin to hear the call of the raven)

The Latin name for the Common Raven is Corvus Corax.


It is all black with a large heavy beak, a shaggy throat and strong wings.

In flight it shows a diamond-shaped tail.

The wing beat is slow and strong.

They can perform acrobatic tumbles, dives, and even flip and fly upside down.


The raven is the largest bird in the Corvid family.

Other birds in this family include jackdaws, jays, magpies, rooks and crows.

The raven’s height is between 56 and 69cm.

It’s wingspan is between 1m 20cm to 1m 50cm.

It is also the heaviest and can weigh up to 1.63kg.


The raven can live for 70 years in captivity, less in the wild.



A raven’s call is a deep hoarse croaking.

They have a range of vocal sounds (click on Camelin above) and they can mimic sounds

from their environment including human speech.


Their eggs are greenish with brown blotches and usually 4 to 7 in a clutch.


Common ravens like shiny object and pebbles, pieces of metal, golf balls and silver paper have been found in their caches.

They are particularly attracted to bright, round shiny objects.


Six ravens are kept at the Tower of London.

The legend says if the birds leave the White Tower will fall and the Kingdom of England will be overthrown. It was Charles II who issued a royal decree to keep the ravens at the Tower.


There are white ravens and the pictures below are shown here by kind permission of Mike Yip who photographed them with their all black siblings.The white ravens have bright blue eyes.


They are highly intelligent and the most innovative of birds.

Some ravens demonstrate the capacity for imagination, which was thought to be unique to humans. Ravens use logic and tools to solve problems.

They enjoy the company of other ravens and will play games together.


Ravens are omnivores and will eat just about anything.





This is only a brief outline of raven facts.

Thank you again to Mike Yip for allowing me to use his amazing photographs of the white ravens.

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