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Book three in the Jack Brenin series

With Nora away on a vitally important mission in Annwn, Jack Brenin has to take sole responsibility
for rescuing the last two Dragonettes left on earth from being roasted for a Spriggan feast.
Using his trusty Book of Shadows for guidance, and with his friends Camelin the raven and Timmery
the bat (along with a cunningly captured Dorysk), Jack mounts a daring raid on the
Spriggan stronghold inside Silver Hill.

But his triumphant return is overshadowed by the discovery of a problem in Annwn that is too big
for even Nora's magic. Can Jack help the Blessed Council to rescue the sleeping Druids?

Read about Jack's continuing adventures in this third book in the magical Jack Brenin series,
following the international bestseller 'The Golden Acorn', winner of the 2010 Brit Writers Award,
and its sequel, 'Glasruhen Gate'.

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