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The Golden Acorn adventures continue in Silver Hill

posted on Amazon on February 13, 2012
by John R. Aberle "May your sales be fun, fulfil... (Covina, CA USA)
This review is from: Silver Hill (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) (Kindle Edition)

Silver Hill is another fascinating sequel in the Golden Acorn series. It introduces
some new characters and magical things, like the Druid's dwindling doors.

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When Nora's Away, the Ravens Will Play!

posted on Amazon on 1 December 2011
by North Polar Bear (aka 'SEP') US
This review is from: Silver Hill (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) (Kindle Edition)

I loved the first two books in this series The Golden Acorn (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) and
Glasruhen Gate (The Adventures of Jack Brenin), and waited impatiently for the 3rd book to be released.
Fortunately, it did not disappoint! In fact, it made me want to stop reading, go back and re-read the first two books.

Nora's away in Annwyn, and Camelin is up to no good (surprise, surprise!). Jack is trying to juggle the demands
of his 'real' life and still finding time to help Camelin and his other friends. In this book, we see Jack starting
to grow up, live up to his potential, take charge, and make decisions (and stand by them). Camelin has determined
to find Charkle's family, and one thing leads to another as only Camelin's mischief can.

This book returns all the same cast of characters, and we learn a bit more about them and their histories.
Camelin has written a brief glossary of names and places which the author very graciously permitted him to
append to the end of this story (along with some comments of his own). Quite honestly, I wish there had been a
note to that effect at the beginning of the book, along with a link to the glossary of names, because there were
times when I struggled to remember who was who or what had happened when.

Highly recommended for those who have read the first two books.
If you haven't already read the first two books, they're highly recommended as well!

Note on Kindle formatting: Excellent. I did not notice any issues whatsoever.

Another fantastic book - Three cheers for Jack Brenin!

posted on Amazon on 18 Nov 2011
by Jasmine "Jazz" (UK)
This review is from: Silver Hill (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) (Kindle Edition)

This is the third Jack Brenin book I have read and I have to say as the story develops and we learn more
about the characters they just get better and better, I am an adult reader but really enjoy the antics of
the group battling good against evil.

I love the way the main story continues but also, that there is a sub-story in each book making them exciting and full of suspense, it is also satisfying that the sub story has a conclusion (I won't spoil it for future readers but brill ending).
As before I just can't wait for the next one to come out and to find out what they all get up to next!

Thank you Catherine and keep on writing :O)


posted on Amazon 6 Nov 2011
by A-C
This review is from: Silver Hill (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) (Paperback)

I bought Silver Hill - the third book about Jack Brenin - to be delivered on publication, because I love the first two books of the series.

I was not disappointed. Catherine Cooper has the ability to make even grown-ups read incredibly fast to find out what will happen next - and she does it without resorting to blood and gore. These books are just plain exciting.

I have seen the Jack Brening books compared to Harry Potter, and I can see the resemblances, but also the differences.
Reading Silver Hill made me think more of Astrid Lindgren. Of exciting books like Mio My Son or The Brothers Lionheart.
But rather than the sad overtones these books have, there's a taste of Pippi Longstocking - and so much more.

The sad and lonely boy, Jack, meets a wonderful world of old magic where animals can speak, the forest is alive and wonderful mythological- and fantasy creatures are real. How to save it all?

In Silver Hill Jack suddenly has to stand on his own two feet to save the last living miniature dragons from being eaten.
And, as it turns out, save the Otherworld from destruction.

To me, having put my 50th birthday well behind me, these books are much more than just an exciting read. They are about courage, and about using your imagination and being aware of nature and history to see the wonders of our world.

Strongly recommended - for children too - but read the whole series.
A-C Rasmussen, Danish Teacher

loved it!

posted on November 3, 2011
by E.Nic817
This review is from: Silver Hill (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) (Kindle Edition)

I love these books, its always an exciting adventure!!
I highly recommend this book for all ages....Your never too old for a little magic!

Another great book!

posted on Amazon on 20 Oct 2011
By Jay Bee (UK)
This review is from: Silver Hill (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) (Paperback)

I have read every one of Catherine Cooper's books and have loved every single one of them.
Silver Hill is no exception. The age range given for the Jack Brenin series is around 9+ but, as a more mature reader myself,
I would say that there is no upper age limit. These books appeal to the child in every one of us.

Silver Hill is slightly different from the previous two books in that Jack is left to fend for himself for much of the story. This is a challenge to both Jack and the reader as he is forced out of Nora's shadow and you can't help but feel nervous for him. Whereas with Golden Acorn and Glasruhen Gate there was always a sense of "oh Nora will sort it out," in this latest instalment the reader cannot feel quite so smug and assured and it all adds to the roller-coaster ride of emotions.

I, for one, felt this book challenged my emotions far more.
I shared in Jack's frustrations, insecurities and discomfort whilst at the same time laughing at the antics of Camelin and the rather brilliant Motley (he reminds me of Captain Mainwaring).
And, of course, when Nora reappears on the scene it's like putting an old pair of comfy slippers back on!

Silver Hill also has a very useful glossary section at the back written by Camelin.
I found this invaluable to look up things I had forgotten from the first two books, such as what a dorysk is and who is Gerda.
The writer's thoughtfulness and attention to detail in this way is commendable.

To sum up, this book is every bit as good as Golden Acorn and Glasruhen Gate.
The writing is well-researched, imaginative and educational, the images conjured up are clear and vivid
and now I can't wait for book 4!!

From Geoffrey W.
Friday Writers Group

via email20.10.11

Have finished Silver Hill, great fun to read.
Look forward to the next one.

I think this book fully lives up to its predecessors

From Anne-Catrine

Your ability to 'up' the excitement is really a special gift. I was breathless several times.
I can't begin to imagine how it must be for children... and more fantastic creatures.

The Who's Who at the end is great... and at this point almost necessary.
And thanks for the link to the special pages. They are very nice.
I especially liked those with photos of the real places.
What a beautiful landscape.

It seems the series moves a bit away from mythology and more into the world of fantasy...
I'm rather impressed by your handling of so many characters.
It must be incredible to have them all inside your head for an extended period.....



You've done it again!


From Mrs J Burroughs


I absolutely loved the book and would put in on a par with the first two.


Your style of writing really conjures up vivid images in my mind like no one else can (not even JKR). The whole book is like a movie playing in my head, it's so clear. I can imagine every bit of every Jack Brenin story you write on the big screen.


So, only one question long do I have to wait for book 4?


Congratulations on another brilliant book.