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following a school visit

Catherine, you are a shining star amongst children's authors!!
Your ability to engage with and inspire the children in the classroom (not just on the page) is second to none.
Thank-you so much from all the children and staff at Mount Pleasant Primary School for a brilliant day yesterday.

Judy Clowes (Vice-chair of governors, Mount Pleasant Primary School.)

following a school visit

"Catherine spent an hour with my year six class and the time flew for both pupils and staff alike!
Her use of resources and her obvious talent as a teacher engaged the children from the outset.

She was able to tailor her delivery to match their current work in literacy
and children have referred to her advice in subsequent lessons.

I can't emphasize enough how valuable an experience it is for children to work with a published author
and Catherine's previous role as a teacher makes her a perfect choice for school visits."

Suzanne James

posted on Amazon

As an ex primary school teacher I can only regret Catherine was not writing her books sooner.
The Golden Acorn fits the bill in so many ways - as a class reader to finish off the day - chapters just the right length for this. Similarly as a bed time shared or read aloud for parents.

Excellent too for emerging readers to gain greater independence through a cracking good story, well told.
To say nothing of the book being underpinned by carefully researched factual content enabling youngsters
to assimilate knowledge almost without knowing it.

I wouldn't really put an upper age on this book - parents, grandparents and children alike will surely all delight in
if it if they enjoy the fantasy story genre. It is a book any adult can leave children to read on their own without
worrying about any inappropriate content. Catherine creates a magical world that is hard to tear yourself from
and has left the reader wanting more - I sincerely hope there is much more to come!!

Posted on Amazon
by Kady "Kadylondon" (London)

This review is from: The Golden Acorn (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) (Kindle Edition)

I downloaded this book for two reasons, I was looking for an interesting book to read my Year Six class and I wanted to see what was new on the children's fiction scene. I am really glad that I did. I have used the sample on kindle to generate comprehension questions for my class and what is lovely is that it is a thoroughly lovely story, with no inappropriate language and the children were hooked from the beginning. They wanted to read more. It's a gentle story and the children could relate to the characters - especially Jack. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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