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Things everyone says about Timmery....

'He's very, very brave.'

If you have any 'bat' jokes why not email them in to Timmery.


Q   What act does Timmery like best at the circus?

A   The acrobats.

Q   What kind of craft work does Timmery enjoy doing?

A   Batik.

Q   Who's Timmery's favourite hero?

A   Batman.

Q   What would Timmery use to conduct an orchestra?

A   A long baton.

Q   What would Timmery order at the fish and chip shop?

A   A battered sausage (more than one if Camelin's with him).

Q   What does Chief Knuckle need for his torch?

A   Batteries.

Q   What is Timmery's favourite game?

A   Dingbats.

Q   What's Timmery's favourite animal?

A   A wombat (as well as Ravens, Rats and Dragonettes).

Q   What does Timmery buy from the cake shop?

A   A slice of Battenburg (the whole cake if Camelin's around).