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I had a lovely email from A. Gordon-Scott
My daughter, who has just turned 9, has been reading the Golden Acorn on her kindle. I have never seen her so excited about a book - ever - and that includes the first 4 Harry Potter books...
Thank you for bringing so much enjoyment to my child and indeed children everywhere.
I hope your daughter enjoys the rest of the series.


This email came in today...

I have loved all of the books... The Adventures of Jack Brenin series are the best books ever written!
Master Adam Crawford
I'm glad you loved the books, the fourth one is in progress.
Gwen sent me a card from Christchurch, New Zealand, here are some of her comments...
You have no idea how much joy your books have given me, thank you so very, very much.
You deserve much fame and fortune for your storytelling.
The books are great.
Thank you for the lovely card and kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the books.

Acquafortis from Italy said the following about The Golden Acorn...

"When all is equal, all the same, that which was lost is found again."
A simple book but that stole my interest. I found myself dragged into the story dreaming of a world where trees were still an important part of our lives and none of their Druidic magic has been lost to us.
Well done!

Thank you for your comments about my book. I appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoy the rest of the series.
Anne-Catrine, a teacher from Denmark, emailed me to say...
I have read your books about Jack and Camelin and think they are lovely. I'm not sure what's best, the mixture of fairy tale and history, the charming characters or your fantastic ability to write in a way to make even a grown up forget to breathe for whole pages.
Thank you Anne-Catrine. It was a lovely surprise to receive your email.
I'm really glad you enjoyed the book and I hope your students do too.
If you need any further information or any questions answering, please don't hesitate to email again.

Tabitha emailed with the following comments...
I really like your books - and am a really hard critic so well done!!!
I read both books (The Golden Acorn and Glasruhen Gate) in a matter of 4 days.
My favourite character is Elan. Congratulations also on "The New Neighbours" I am currently reading it to my little brother - we are really enjoying it.
Thank you Tabitha and Congratulations yourself on your New Writers Award.
Hopefully see you in Nottingham next year at one of the New Writer's events.

Sarah's dad emailed to say he'd just finished Glasruhen Gate...
Loved it, thought it even better than Book 1, and I thought that was excellent.
I love how you have left it open for more adventures at the end.
I do love your ideas, words and how you fit things together.

Thanks for the lovely comments in your email.
You are right about the opening for more adventures to come...
...Jack and Camelin will be back in Book 3, which is entitled The Dwindling Door.

Katia emailed to say...
Thanks for making up such amazing stories for our children!
I'm really glad Hannah enjoyed both the books.
I'd love to know what she thinks of Hawke & Co when she's finished it.

Elaine and Roy sent me a lovely email about their son Pip not being able to put my books down...
You are an amazing author whose storytelling has really captured our son's imagination. It's lovely to see and we think the books will be going in for show and tell at school next week as he loves them so much.
Thank you... I'm so glad Pip enjoyed the books. The lovely comments in your email make it all worth while.
Jack should be ready to continue his adventure by Christmas.

Zoe contacted is part of her lovely email...
Your book 'Golden Acorn' was... an amazing story, so unique and very creative, I loved it. Could not put it down. Eagerly awaited 'Glasruhen Gate' and gobbled it up within two days.
Thank you for your comments Zoe and the rest of your lovely email.
I've started writing Book 3.

Molly emailed me to say...
I believe that you should make the golden acorn into a movie.
It’s so enthralling and magical, I could hardly put the book down when I read it.
I totally understand Jack feelings and thoughts.
I'm really glad too you're enjoying the book... wouldn't it be great if someone did want to make it into a film.
Hope your own writing is going well.

David emailed me before he went to school this morning to say...
Half way through and it's even better than the old one!
That's great David... you've only had the book for 2 days!
I'm really glad too you're enjoying it.
Please let me know when you get to the end the final verdict.

I had a lovely conversation with Gill today whilst out shopping...
She told me everyone in her family who'd read The Golden Acorn
had signed the front page and left their comments...

What a wonderful idea.

David emailed me about Hawke & Co...
I realy enjoyed The New Neighbours... couldn't put it down.
I'm glad you enjoyed the book.
In answer to your question... Galsruhen Gate is at the printers
It won't be long now until it's in the bookshops.

Jennie emailed to say...

Louis really enjoyed 'the golden acorn'
Thanks Jennie
I hope Louis will enjoy Galsruhen Gate too

Eddie sent me an email and said...
Hi Catherine
I love your book Hawke and Co.
I can't wait until the second one comes out.
Thanks again.

I'm glad you like the book Eddie.
I'll try and get another one finished for October this year.

Harrison emailed...
(your email won't accept mine so I've not been able to reply)
I'm glad you're enjoying the books so far.
Please let me know what you thought of it all when you've finished it.

An email from Beth to say...
I am reading The Golden Acorn and I am really enjoying it.
You are a very creative author.

Thank you for your email Beth.
I'm looking forward to reading your book when it's finished.
Thank you also for your comments.

An email from Cody to say...
Thank you for visiting Lilleshall School we all enjoyed it very much and are in the middle of your fantastic book The Golden Acorn.
I'm glad you are enjoying the book.
I really enjoyed my visit to your school.
Thank you for making me feel so welcome.

To David from Lilleshall School...
A message from me...
Thank you for your comments about my book when I visited your class today.
I remembered at lunchtime where I'd seen you, it was in the Book Nook in Newport.
I hope your brother Ian enjoys the book too.

Ben wrote on my Facebook wall to say...
I love the Golden Acorn.
Thank you Ben... I hope you enjoy Book 2 as much.

Greg sent an email to ask about World Book Day...
Are you going to be visiting anywhere for World Book Day?
I wish you could come to my school.

Yes Greg, I'm in Charlton School, Wellington for World Book Day.
I'm also celebrating the day at W H Smith's in Wellington and it's going to be a fun day.
There are three story telling sessions, book signing and a competition.
Hope to see you there.
You didn't tell me which school you went to.

Lucinda sent me an email to say...

Hi I love your books.
Thank you Lucinda for your emails.
I'm glad you're enjoying my books.

Hattie sent me an email to say...
Hi Cathrine
I bought The Golden Acorn today from school (signed by you and Ron) and I'm on page 45 and I already love it. I haven't stopped reading it since I got in at 4:00.

I'm glad you're enjoying the book.
I'd love to hear from you when you've finished it so you can tell me what you thought of the book.

I had a lovely email, from someone who also writes stories...
My name is Beth.
I love your books
Thank you Beth.
I hope you do well with your stories.

Margaret sent me an email to say...
I loved Jack and Camelin, what a wonderful character he is. I can't wait for their adventures in 'The Otherworld'. I loved knowing the places visited, that was an added bonus.
Thank you for your email Margaret and for all your comments.
It's lovely to get feedback. There's more of the Shropshire countryside and ancient places to come in Book 2.
Adam sent a card to say...
Thank you for writing such a brilliant book. It was my best Christmas present. I couldn't put it down and now I've finished it I've started reading it again. Please please write some more about Jack and Camelin.
What a compliment... thank you. I'm on the last edit of Book 2.
I'm hoping Glasruhen Gate will be out for Easter... there's are more adventures planned for Jack and Camelin after the next book.

Courtney emailed to say...

The story was brilliant.
I wish the next book was ready now.
I can't wait to read more about Jack and Camelin.
Thank you for the badge I love it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. The next book should be out in time for Easter. There are four different Pengridion badges... see the competition page for all four designs.

Jenny wrote to say...

The book was great.
I love Jack and Camelin and everytime I look at the Wrekin I think about them.

So do I Jenny. I can see the Wrekin from my study window where I sit and write.

Iain said...
It's the first big book I've read and it was brilliant.
Congratulations Iain, I'm really glad you chose The Golden Acorn as your first 'big book' and I'm pleased you enjoyed it.
Mary sent me a card to say...
Julie and Katherine are both enjoying the book.
I'm glad it's made a good bedtime read.
Also thank you for the photograph of Pendragon Castle, it could be a useful source of inspiration for book 4.

David emailed to say...
I was very impressed with your 5 star review.
Thank you David.
I'm glad you were impressed.

Laura from Wellington wrote...
I couldn't put your book down. I love Jack's world. I love all the characters especially Camelin. I wish I could have a badge with him on.
Thank you for your comments Laura.
If you enter the competition, which you received with your book, you might be lucky and win a badge.

Dan from St Peter's emailed me to say...
Your book was fantastic
Thank you Dan... I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Ella from Hay-on-Wye emailed to say...
I love your books.
I'm glad you like the web site and book mark too Ella... let me know what you think when you've finished the book.

Rachel from Wellington emailed to say...
I didn't want the book to end.
On Saturday my Dad and I went up The Wrekin and saw The Raven's Bowl.
We didn't see Camelin or Jack though!
Can't wait for Book 2.
It's an amazing view from the top of The Wrekin... glad you found The Raven's Bowl.

Marc from Oxford wrote...
The Golden Acorn is the best book I've read in a long time.
It had a great plot and brilliant characters.
When will Book 2 be out?
I'm glad you enjoyed the book Marc.
Book 2 is due to be out for Easter 2010.

Kaleigh wrote to me and said...
I loved Camelin and wish I had a Book of Shadows and a wand like Jack.
I wish I had a magic wand too Kaleigh.

Carol from Shrewsbury sent me a card and wrote...

I love a bit of magic and greatly enjoyed The Golden Acorn.
Thank you for your lovely card and I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

Adam emailed me with his comments...
I didn't want the story to end and I can't wait for the next book.
Jack has a lot more adventures to come.
Thank you for your picture of Camelin, I've put it in the Gallery.

Brenda from Weston-super-Mare said...
My only critisism about the book was I couldn't put it down.
I'm glad you found it compulsive reading.

Becky from Wellington emailed me... here are some of her comments about the book...
My favourite character is Camelin.
I hope Charkle finds his Mom and Dad.
I wanna go there and join Jack in his stories.
I liked the illustrations.
The story was fast moving a real page turner.
I could picture the characters.
Now I want to go to the Raven's Bowl.
The next story has to come out soon or I might explode.
From Becky
(A Camelin supporter)
Thank you Becky for your email.
I'm really pleased you enjoyed the book.
We're aiming to have Book 2 published for Easter next year.

Grace from Wolverhampton said...
I enjoyed the book.
It was a well thought out plot, a fast moving story with memorable characters.
I couldn't put the book down.
My favourite character was Camelin.
I can't wait for Book 2.

My favourite character is Camelin too.
Thanks for your feedback Grace.

Kath from Norfolk wrote...
I found you book delightful.
A story which I'm sure, my great grandchildren are going to enjoy and their parents too.

Thank you Kath, I really pleased you enjoyed the book.